Research work and publications

OSR, the mother company of OSR-Lab was created in 2014. But it is the result of more than a decade of work spent on research in cryptography, mathematics and IC design. OSR-Lab is the extension of this research work which has been presented in multiple occasions to industry key players, workshops or prestigious conference such as:
- CACR CryptoIC:

Here are some examples of research topic we are currently working on:
- Elliptic curves cryptography
- Pairing based cryptography
- Post quantum cryptography
- Embedded and connected systems vulnerabilities and attacks

OSR-Lab is committed to develop the best analyst team in Asia as well as the most secure design in the industry.

Joint University Research

Because of our academic background, and our goal to spread knowledge, we are very much connected with universities in China, Japan, Asia and Europe. We always welcome researcher who would like to know more about us or would like to work on a research topic with us.

See our jobs and internships opportunities here, or contact us using the info here for specific research request.