One of our core company value is to contribute to our industry, in China and the world. Our internship and joint research program stimulates our security community from the inside. But we think it is also crucial to share our ideas and the results of these research with the ‘outside world’.

To achieve this, OSR-Lab is organizing multiple public events every year. Where we are constantly involved in trainings, workshops and conference, below are the two we created and are the proudest of.

IOESEC: Internet of Everything Security

IOESEC was organized for the first time in July 2016. The intention of this symposium is to group IOT industry leading companies and present what are the progress and challenges of securing this market.
Day 1 is a conference event, open to any registered attendee, during which speakers will present their vision of these security challenges and how they are planning on fixing it. In 2016, some of the presented topics were device security, the role of a IOT platform in supporting security and compensating vulnerabilities, evaluation and certification of IOT devices.
Day 2 is a restricted access workshop during which industry influencers seat together and discuss practical roadmap to achieve customer adoption and secure ecosystem at the same time. Initiating and being part of this group is for us a great honor and also a way to put our vision in motion.

Contact us here if you would like to join the next IOESEC symposium and workshop.

PANDA Course: Physical Attacks and Design Attestation

The Panda course is our core cryptography and attack event. The goal of this event is to group technical experts, professors, students and leading companies to discuss state of the art crypto-related development and how new attack methods are developed to compromise these new solutions. Some of the topics we covered in our 2016 Panda Course: white-box cryptography, elliptic curves cryptography, post-quantum cryptography and blockchain. PANDA Course is ideal for technically minded attendees, such as security engineers, cryptographers, developers. But we also welcome business and operation managers who would like what are the latest development in our field.
PANDA exists since 2013 , and is now one of the leading event related to practical cryptography. It is spread over two days, but its length may slightly differ from one year to another. We try to organize PANDA Course in different locations every year, and we so far hosted it in Chengdu, Beijing, Jinnan and Shenzhen.

Contact us here if you would like to join the next PANDA Course.