Security Lab

OSR-Lab is the leading security laboratory for embedded solutions penetration testing in China.

MPSC 2016

Dr Fan from OSR will moderate the discussion about the security of future mobile payment technologies


Discover OSR FIDO solution for online & biometric authentication.



OSR-Lab operates in a multitude of markets. Despite all these markets being based on hardware and software security, their requirements and best practices might differ greatly from one to another.

See here, for more information on each market and see how OSR-Lab can help you.

  • Security Evaluation

    To evaluate the robustness of our clients solutions.

  • Research

    To keep our knowledge sharp and remain open to new technologies.

  • To help our partners improving their design.


  • To share our knowledge with our partners.


OSR-Lab was created with one goal in mind: to build a bridge between security testing and secure solution design.
Too often, our partners are working with different companies to address each need, making these relations less efficient and most of the time more

Even with our security laboratory working independently, OSR-Lab is able to also propose complementary services:

  • Security Evaluation (here)
  • Joint Research (here)
  • Solution Design (here)
  • Event organiztion (here)